25 January 2019

Hands Building shortlisted for Offsite Construction Award

The Hands Building at Mansfield College has been shortlisted by Offsite Construction for an award in the ‘Commercial Project of the Year’ category.

With high environmental aspirations, a constrained site and limited budget, CLT was chosen as the most suitable material for the primary structure of the upper accommodation floors sitting on a concrete podium. The design team worked extensively with the selected CLT provider (Eurban) using BIM technology, to ensure that the CLT met the requirements precisely, and that the erection on site would be problem free. The precision enabled by factory production, and the careful planning of the logistics, enabled each panel to be delivered to time, lifted into place in sequence, and assembled in a seamless manner. The project has been recognised for it's use of modern methods of construction to deliver a commercial, mixed use building at excellent value for the client.

MICA employs modern methods of construction, such as offsite technology, across a variety of project scales and types, from design through to delivery. Our expertise in modern methods of construction is extensive and includes complete unitised buildings, CLT/SIPS, prefabricated components, and finely tuned details which have been applied to the largest Passivhaus scheme in the UK and high achieving BREEAM projects. Our use of prefabrication is also applied across a variety sites, from the complex urban to greenbelt. MICA is consistently striving to incorporate the newest and most innovative methods of construction into each and every project.

The Offsite Awards recognise the latest and most exciting developments in offsite technology with specific reference to the world of prefabrication and factory-based construction methods.

Read more about the Hands Building here.


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