11 March 2021

MICA to host a series of talks in 2021 for London Society

MICA have been invited by The London Society to frame a series of talks and discussions which will look at the factors and trends exacerbated and accelerated by Covid, how they impact on transport and movement, concluding with an assessment of how this may affect the longer term structure of the city.

Convened over three themed sessions starting in June, following up in September and concluding in November, the talks will first study the issues and impacts, then probe into and test ideas in response to them, and finish with thoughts and recommendations on wider emerging strategies and models.

From our preliminary studies, it’s clear that COVID impacts on transport and movement are already precipitating and accelerating longer term change in a number of areas. The talks will consider what’s changing, and what’s returning to “normal” and to what extent our assumptions and predictions need to be revised. Against a backdrop of challenged funding combined with new living working and patterns, changing patterns in transport and movement is intertwined with the context of wider current best practice polices and the emerging London Plan.

The London Society and MICA will shortly be announcing a range of industry experts to talk and present at the events, on this exciting and challenging topic.

If you are interested in attending and/ or contributing to the events please don’t hesitate getting in contact info@micaarchitects.com. We will post more details of the events later in the year.

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