01 March 2018

Restored artwork reinstalled at Centre Point

An original artwork piece by 20th Century artist Jupp Dembach-Mayen has been reinstalled at Centre Point after being sensitively restored. Dembach Mayen, who also designed the Centre point fountains, was commissioned to design the artwork by original occupants the National Westminster Bank in the mid-1960's.

The sculpture is a banking-inspired piece and comprises a variety of mainly nonferrous metals in the form of banking symbols such as keys and coins. These partially overlay each other and are brazed and bolted together. There are also a number of short, disaggregated ‘bars’ which are positioned separately to the side of the main composition. All of this metalwork was mounted on a wall of mosaic tiles, predominantly grey in colour but with embedded blocks of red and gold.

The temporary dismantling of the artwork also led to the discovery of a previously unknown lighting fixture behind the sculpture which has been integrated back into the design upon reinstallation. Restoration of the sculpture was undertaken by specialist metal conservators Rupert Harris Conservation LTD.

Restored artwork reinstalled in original location
Artwork being restored in the workshop
Original Artwork prior to restoration
1 / 3 Restored artwork reinstalled in original location

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