27 May 2021

London’s evolving transport model and its impacts on the city

Covid impacts on transport and movement are already precipitating and accelerating longer term change. Public transport in London may not return to 2018 levels of usage until 2030. Against a backdrop of challenged funding, combined with new living and working trends, changing patterns in transport and movement are intertwined with wider current best practice policies, and The London Plan 2021.

The first of the series of three talks and discussions led by Gavin Miller, Director of MICA, will explore factors and trends exacerbated and accelerated by Covid, how they impact on transport, property and movement, and how this may affect the longer term structure of the city, taking into account five potential scenarios outlined by TFL. This event will followed up in September and conclude in November, and probe into and test ideas in response to the issues brought up in the July session, finishing with thoughts and recommendations on wider emerging strategies and models.

Gavin will be joined by industry experts Adrian Cole and Phil Berczuk, Head of Major Developments and & Head of Design at Steer respectively, and Martin Woodhouse, Director, Development & Investment at PRD.

Thursday 18.30 - 19.30 July 1st 2021

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London boroughs heat map showing change in travel demands
London boroughs heat map showing change in travel demands

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