04 June 2019

‘Public Housing: A London Renaissance’

New London Architecture's (NLA) study on the social housing in London launched this week titled ‘Public Housing: A London Renaissance’.

The study, sponsored by MICA, encompasses a research paper, exhibition and events programme – all of which outline some of the key factors influencing policy, and the most recent steps being taken by national and regional government that seek to support the delivery of new, high-quality and affordable public housing.

Included within the study is a compilation of exemplar public housing projects around London. MICA has two projects in the showcase – Chester Balmore, Highgate and White Lion House, Centre Point. The MICA projects, both of which are located in the Camden Borough, were designed, constructed and finished to function as high-quality social housing for their local communities. Both White Lion House and Chester Balmore are award-winning projects, having received a Civic Trust award in 2019 and 2015 respectively.

Excerpt from the NLA paper:

“Today, the urgency of the capital’s housing crisis has stimulated rejuvenated ambitions, so that for the first time since the 1960s and 1970s many London councils have been building new homes. In recent years, many London boroughs have been setting up their own local development companies, with the aim of accelerating the delivery of new homes; more than half (17) have already done so.

An NLA annual survey of London boroughs in 2018 showed that 90 per cent of respondents said affordable housing was the number one concern of constituents. 33 Measures to tackle the housing crisis—especially lack of supply and affordability—remain at the top of the domestic policy agenda.

The urgency of the housing crisis has stimulated rejuvenated ambitions, alongside access to funding and Mayoral support for the strengthening of in-house teams, so that for the first time since the 1960s and 1970s many London councils are now starting to build new homes.”

MICA is also currently working on a major public and private residential scheme for the Croydon Council’s development arm Brick by Brick. The project, Fair Field Homes, will provide 421 high-quality housing units for the local Croydon community and has recently been submitted for planning.

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