Fair Field Homes

Fair Field Homes

In Croydon, we are employed by the Brick by Brick, London Borough of Croydon's development company, to develop designs for Fair Field Masterplan £450m development. As part of the Phase 1 works our team are developing designs for new homes on the Fair Field site. The proposed scheme is subsequent to the adopted Fair Field Masterplan (2012), which identified a strong need for high quality residential development in central Croydon. The proposals create a development which is sensitive to the current and future site configuration in order to support the sustainable growth of the new community.


Brick by Brick


Croydon, London


421 homes



The new residential development sets up a new threshold and progressive transition between high/medium density character areas close to the station and the Croydon centre and more suburban in character areas around. It looks for reference and inspiration at successful high rise typologies arriving in Central Croydon but also at low rise, hidden quality developments in the immediate proximity within the Park Hill Area. A new sequence of open spaces and buildings is proposed by integrating and improving existing routes into and around the site.

The development is comprised of two distinct building groups, which create 421 new homes, and a coherent and cohesive streetscape. A sheltered communal landscape is defined by the blocks, and stepped terraces, balconies and roof gardens introduce a series of vertical visual connections into the courtyard. The configuration ensures multiple views in and out of the site, adding to the sense of permeability and security, and maximising daylight to the development. The unit layouts are efficiently designed to meet or exceed all relevant standards.

“MICA take a methodical, detailed approach which is completely appropriate for a scheme of this nature and inspires confidence in us a client.”

- Colm Lacey, Chief Executive, Brick by Brick

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