University of East Anglia Masterplan

University of East Anglia Masterplan


University of East Anglia




£20 million


September 1993

Planning the development and expansion of the University of East Anglia campus for the next 25 years, Rick Mather Architects' masterplan identified sites for new construction, including several residential buildings and a new Drama Centre. Catering for no less than 800 students, the new low energy accommodation and communal facilities were constructed on two of these sites, consisting of three storey houses for students, and a top floor of two person flats. Living rooms and kitchens face a southerly terrace and pedestrian street.

Energy conservation is recognised as a priority, and the scheme is so energy efficient that no central heating is required. As Consultant Architect, Rick Mather worked with the University of East Anglia from 1981 and, in addition to the new residences and Drama Centre, earlier work on the campus includes the Schools of Education and Information Systems and the Climatic Research Unit.

“Constable Terrace and Nelson Court, both four-storeyed halls of residence, are
courageous and striking yet contextual buildings. They ... alter the whole mood of
the UEA campus. But they do so by inflection rather than open challenge ... At both
ends of the campus, Mather ’s contextual touch is sure.”
- Andrew Saint Casabella June 1995


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