Oxford Robotics Institute

Oxford Robotics Institute

Th H B Allen Centre provides a large, flexible workspace for the Oxford Robotics Institute, that promotes technological research development by researchers, engineers and students who are driven to change what robots can do for us.


Keble College, Oxford


Office floor area
1,500 m2




£4.5 million

Much of the basement of the H B Allen Centre is fitted out as extensive research and laboratory space for the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI). The ORI is built from collaborating and integrated groups of researchers, engineers and students all driven to change what robots can do for us. Flexible workshop and experimentation spaces allow for a diverse and developing programme of research. The design allows for the free movement of powered vehicles and robots.

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The Oxford Robotics Institute, led by Keble Fellow, Professor Paul Newman is developing and applying mobile robotics in a variety of contexts in collaboration with industry and has been resident at the site since April 2014. Leading in one of the most high-profile areas of technological research development, the Institute’s researchers, engineers and students are all driven to change what robots can do for us. Their current interests include machine learning and AI, computer vision, fabrication, multispectral sensing, perception, and systems engineering. Oxbotica, the recently formed spin-out company, is also located on the site. ORI and Oxbotica occupy the George Building on the Banbury Road and a third of the underquad research space. There is a vehicle lift under Sarah Acland House providing vehicle and robot access to the research space from Mickie Lane


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